What to expect

When you come visit us or even when you become a part of us there are a few things that you can expect when you come in.  We hope that knowing these things will help you feel more welcome and prepared to worship with us!

What to wear?

We have members and regular attenders that wear anything from dresses and suits to blue jeans and t-shirts.  With that in mind, you won't have to wear anything special in order to fit in!  Come comfortable and prepared to worship!

What kind of music?

We usually have a mix of music in our services.  It can differ from week to week or even within a service!  Some weeks our choir will sing some special music, or an individual may do a special song. Some weeks we just sing as a congregation.  We usually mix up the styles of music too.  Some songs are traditional hymns, others are praise and worship choruses, some Southern Gospel and some contemporary.  Come sing with us one day, regardless of what style of worship music you prefer, we are certain you can enjoy a blended worship experience.

Are there children's ministries during worship?

​Yes!  We do operate a children's church during our regular worship service.  It is geared toward children that are 3 years old to school age.  You are certainly welcome to have your children sit with you during church in the main service.  Children will pick up on the music and message and we want them to do so.  Let them draw or color, or let them play with a quiet toy if they need to.  Your children hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ is very important to us.  So, whether they go to children's church or remain in the service we want them engaged in what is going on!