Team Concept

At Heritage Pointe we use a team concept.  We utilize our teams to execute the vision that we believe God would have us to follow.  The Leadership Team consists of members of the church who work together to seek out God's vision for the church and convey it to their teams.  The other teams are the drivers of this vision to see that we accomplish what God would have us to.  The Stewardship Ministry Team is made up of laypeople from within the church and deals with the budget, finances, and works to continually to make sure we are being good stewards of God's money.  

       The Fellowship Ministry Team works to plan special functions related to growing into deeper relationships with each other and the community.  They also keep the inside and outside of the building decorated beautifully and are working to grow our involvement in small groups.  The Discipleship Ministry Team focuses on making sure that those who attend Heritage Pointe are growing into a deeper relationship with Christ through intentional discipleship. Some examples are VBS and our Sunday School.  They also work to make sure that we are sharing the Gospel with the community as we have the opportunity to do so.  The Spiritual Ministry Team is charged with finding unique opportunities for worship and other ways to reach our community through ministries and outreach.  

       The important part of using the team concept, and it working, is for everyone to be involved.  When the Leadership Team feels there is a certain direction or path that we need to move down they can go to their ministry team for the ideas on how to get there.  Usually the more people who are giving ideas the better ideas you get.  This keeps everyone having input into what we do and how we do it.